Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Stomping Out Intolerance”

The Vision Steppers’ mission for the Step It Up 2018 campaign once again asks the question;  Is America Still Possible? Is our diversity of ethnicities, religions, and beliefs still a call to “… your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”  As a diverse team, we chose this mission because it really “hits home” for many of our team members. In the wake of the Harassment epidemic, it seems that every day, even every hour we are interrupted by “breaking news” on yet another assault of some nature.

Our Community Service Campaign:


We have a three-stage community service project.

The first stage: More4mylife.org is an online organization created by VISION Steppers for the 2014 Step It Up community service project to raise awareness about teen dating abuse.  We will be using this same resources to raise awareness for this project.  Additionally, we will be using the usual social media outlets (IG, Facebook Twitter). We are also creating Snapchat filter for the day of the event. Visit us at www.more4mylife.org or visionsteppers.org.


The final stage of this community service is for our social issue that will have a long-term affect to not only our community but hopefully worldwide. At its core, it is a “Walk Mile in MY Shoes” event. This will include participants getting sponsors to support their walk. (Think Walk For The Cure). However, in this project, participants will literally be walking in the type of shoes and clothing that victims of intolerance might face on any given day. Men can walk in heels, women can wear headscarves to simulate a Hijab while being tormented and “cat-called” by other volunteers.   Our goal is to raise money and awareness for newly marginalized Americans, and  adolescent women who feel endangered in “the new America.”  We will be donating the raised money to “My Sister’s Place” and other community resources that work towards healing the community. Our project is scheduled for Saturday, Jan  20th, 2018 from 1-3 PM  We invite you to attend and perhaps participate. For more information see our website.

Check out our hashtags: #more4mylife, #standclearoftheclosingdoorsplease #walkamile .