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Worthy Your filthy ways show me you aren't worthy. You shower me with hate Like I'm dirty. You sometimes act polite and curtsy, But I know your intentions are to hurt me. ~K.D.S. -Vision Stepper

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    Taking Our Cause on the Road…

      As a national competition team we have the advantage of being able to take our message to many different communities around the country. We have used the showcases and competitions that we participate in to bring awareness to the issue of teen dating violence. Most recently, we hosted a three-hour workshop/showcase in during the National Stepping Association’s National Championship weekend. The event featured skits, rap sessions, give always and handouts that included a USB drive that had website resources and motivational music featuring lyrics that inspired self respect and respect for others.

    When I first heard that we were doing teen dating violence, I was happy because it is starting to happen more often in young adults lives. Doing this campaign has taught me a lot. For example: the different way violence could occur, because dating violence isn’t just physical but there are many ways. I also love working on our website ( ) because some people don’t know what to do and this website may help them be on the path and be able to stand up and say no to violence and yes to help.

    Knowing some of my friends who have been through this, the hardest part is say no to your companion and pretending that everything is alright, because you your companion has it drilled in your head that, this is how relationships are suppose to be and that everything he or she does is right. But in reality nothing is right with someone hurting you because you don’t deserve this. You deserve someone who makes you happy and someone who you are not afraid of. You shouldn’t be scared of your companion, it should be the complete opposite, you should be able to go up to him or her and not be afraid. Afraid of saying something wrong and being punished or of him/she hearing something and you being afraid of his reaction. Everyone is strong inside and out, but sometimes we need to be reminded of it, so we could show it and to believe in ourselves. It may be hard but the more you keep telling yourself you are strong and finding help, you will get it and will find your inner strength and be able to say no. No more, and that you can’t take no more with the violence.



    Amy Canas

    Stepper/ Volenteer, The Vision Steppers

    Prior to this campaign I knew very little about dating violence. Now that my team and I have researched the topic and worked with experts on teen dating violence, I know the different types of violence and the various stages that one may experience. In the future, if I encounter dating issues or know of a friend that is going through this, I will know who to contact and how to help.


    Jeanneney Currie

    Stepper, The Vision Steppers

    This campaign impacted my team and In a huge way. It provided me a clear vision on how teen dating violence can physically, mentally, and financially effect an individual. I will be sure to continue to spread the message about Teen dating violence during volunteer work and to announce them at public places.

    Maeleen Joseph

    Stepper, The Vision Steppers